The most connected way to gather online 

  • Host a Roundtable when you want a more connected & authentic meeting

  • Create a Studio when you want an intuitive, all-in-one solution to manage private groups

  • Accept Payments to host events, workshops, cohorts, and communities

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Video Conferencing that Grows with You

Roundtable by Alltakes

A Non-Traditional Experience: Dynamic and Engaging video conferencing platform

Eliminate Meeting Fatigue Once and for All

Study Groups and Book Clubs

Work Events and Meetings

Gatherings with Family and Friends

Any Online Gathering for which registrations are managed elsewhere 

60-Minute Sessions are Free

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Studios by Alltakes

Private Spaces with Gated Membership

Communities, Coaching Groups, Training Sessions, Virtual Events

Meet at the Roundtable and Connect with Members through Chat

Organize and Share Content with Group Members

Easy and Intuitive to Set up and Manage

Collect Payments to Build Your Business

Replaces 6+ Tools at a Price Point that Works for You

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A breath of fresh air

“I highly recommend AllTakes if you're looking to get your business off the ground. Take the dust off and really connect with people that are like minded and who want to support you. That's what we're all in this for, right? To support each other and grow and evolve from where we're at.”

Joey Colazzo

“The AllTakes Roundtable is one of those rare tech tools that I want literally everyone who hosts and attends remote meetings to try.”

Nancy Chu

“This roundtable setup is a lot more fun than when I have done group sessions on Zoom. As new people join, it feels more communal. People start participating right away.

Art Benoit

Features like you’ve never seen before

Meet In a Circle

At the Roundtable on AllTakes, you have circle time whenever you meet. And just like people stay in their seats IRL, your seat at the Roundtable remains the same.

Custom Expressions

Unique expressions let you add a little heart and soul to every conversation.

Host Fireside Chats and Panels

Keep it intimate with one person, or bring the whole squad up front and center. 

Private Spaces that you can Create and Manage

Each space is private and only accessible for members of the space. You control the guest list. 

Registration and Payments

Accept registrations for your private studios and get paid immediately.

Organized Content Sharing

Upload content to your studio’s content library and get organized with content folders. 

Private Chat

Enjoy a chat space in each studio where you can mention specific members, react and reply to messages, and send a single chat as an email blast to all members of the space. 

We Replace a Myriad of Tools

Saving you hours of your time and thousands of dollars

Before AllTakes

Too many tools to manage your events and communities, including setup, communication, content sharing, and live sessions.

Now with AllTakes

Five minutes to get set up; everything else is automatic and streamlined. Saving you hours of your time and thousands of dollars.

Built with Love for Anyone Creating Connection Online

We are purpose-built for:

Meeting Hosts

Event Organizers


Community Builders

Companies and Brands Creating Content and Community

No matter where you're at, we have the perfect plan for you!

Start using the Roundtable for free, and grow to manage a thriving business 



Best for personal use or to get started. 

Includes Roundtable

  • Personal Roundtable meeting link 

  • Unlimited meetings 

  • 60 min sessions (20 participants max)

  • Chat

  • Dynamic Expressions

  • Fireside Chat, Panel & Webinar Modes

  • Share Screen  & Share Audio



Best for coaches, community builders, and event organizers who manage registrations elsewhere.

Includes Roundtable

Everything in Free PLUS

  • 5 hour sessions
  • 200 participants per session
  • Recordings
  • Breakout rooms



Best for community builders who want a way to manage a simple community

Includes Roundtable & Studios

Everything in Gather PLUS

  • 1 Private Gated Space (Studio)
  • Accept Registration & Payments
  • Manage Members
  • Host live sessions (with associated email reminders)
  • Community Chat
  • Share Content



Best for coaches, community builders, and event organizers growing their businesses - and want a simple way to manage communities and paid programs.

Includes Roundtable & Studios

Everything in Community PLUS

  • Total of 10 Private Gated Spaces (Studio)

  • 1 additional business owner to manage your business

  • Add managers to manage each studio

  • Organize & Share Content with Folders



Best for coaches, community builders, and event organizers who have a thriving business and want to simplify the management of their offerings..

Includes Roundtable & Studios

Everything in Growth PLUS

  • Total of 50 Private Gated Spaces (Studios)

  • 1 additional business owner to manage your business

* 20% discount if paid annually

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