At Alltakes, our mission has always been to Deepen Human Connection Online

When the pandemic hit, we all had to pivot to work online, to learn online, to meet with our friends online, to connect with our communities online … the list goes on. We used the tools available then - and we were all grateful for what we had. 

As the pandemic wore on, I had a distinct sense that we were losing not only our connection with others but also our connection with ourselves. AllTakes was born to tackle this problem of connection to self and others - which I believe is the only way to thrive as a human race. 

Now that we are out of the pandemic, we continue to enjoy the convenience of meeting online: 

✨Communities have formed with global members, and meeting in person would not only be inconvenient, it would decrease the diversity of voices we hear from. 

✨Coaches have built businesses with clients all over the world, giving them the ability to live and work from anywhere. 

✨Companies struggle to get their best people to return to the office because commute times and flexibility matter. 

✨Broadcasters - whether they podcast or youtube - were able to start building community with their fans because it became acceptable to meet new people online.

✨Book clubs became more accessible. 

 … the list goes on. 

But the tools we are using are still the same: tools that decrease connection while increasing convenience. 

My goal is to change that: to offer both convenience and connection. This is no small feat, but it starts from our core principle: We start with the real world. We ask ourselves: 

  1. How do people meet in the real world? How do we bring the essence of these connections online? The answer: We prefer bright and airy spaces when we meet in the real world, and we don’t play musical chairs.

  2. What are some implicit contracts that exist between people in the real world? One of the key answers: We don’t record conversations without consent.

  3. What is the role of space and how does it impact how we engage? The answer: We need to feel comfortable and safe, not packed tightly with others in a cramped space with no feeling of “this is my seat.” 

  4. Where can artificial intelligence empower us? The answer: When we use AI, it is for our user’s benefit, and they can always turn it off.

We are still on Day 1, and I can’t wait to create a world where we don’t have to choose between convenience and connection. 

With love, 


Co-Founder & CEO

Meet the Team

MInal Mehta | Co-founder and CEO

She loves trampoline workouts and deep conversations over chai

Maricia Scott | Co-founder and CTO

She loves knitting and dancing

  • Filipa Barroso


    She loves DJing and walking on the beach

  • Ahl Arqueza


    He loves listening to Japanese music and watching movies

  • Brian Zerfass


    He loves running and enjoying life as a foodie

  • Ursula Rosien


    She loves reading scifi books and making photobooks of her family

  • Suendus Qureshi


    She loves playing basketball and making digital art

  • Jackie Stewart

    Community Engagement

    She loves thrifting with friends and playing music

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