Creating a Space for All Takes

Over the last six months, we have been busy recruiting our team and building our products. We now have a full-featured studio where we have run pilots with many guides. Their feedback has been very encouraging; they love the simplicity of a single space where they can share information and engage with their users, with the ability to make it their own. 

The guides we are working with, are, without exception, knowledgeable, passionate, and excited about what they are doing. They want to build profitable businesses and create communities of engaged participants. They need a platform that enables them to monetize their offerings and grow their customer base. 

Guide led events usually begin with a check-in on how people are doing, what has changed since they last met, and what challenges they are currently working through. The guides go on to share useful information and facilitate group discussions that are open and thoughtful. The atmosphere in the studio is one of trust, kindness, caring, and support. It is not surprising to see a little baby on someoneā€™s lap. 

It has been inspiring to meet these smart and motivated women balancing their lives and work with such grace. Of course we know that, just like ducks, they are all paddling furiously under the surface. 

At AllTakes we are creating a platform and systems to help these guides build thriving businesses. We are fully committed to their success. Because when they succeed, we succeed.


The AllTakes Compass