International Women’s Day

Last year for women’s history month we set an intention: 

In this month of March, women’s history month, while acknowledging the women whose shoulders we stand on, let’s keep our sights focused on the future.  Let’s stop compromising and accommodating, recognize the assumptions that limit our opportunities, and take a leadership role in changing them.

A year later, we are very proud to say that we took that leadership role and founded a company together. Our goal is to create a second take on life after the pandemic, a new take on company culture and a better take on online interaction and communities.  

AllTakes is a place for all women and for all their takes on life and work. It is an online universe designed for women to discover and engage in experiences that bring them joy; a safe, trusted place where they feel like they belong. In this virtual space, we enable creators to build thriving online businesses with their interests and passions while making authentic connections and creating safe communities.

Happy International Women’s Day to every fearless, capable, and worthy woman out there - Dare Mighty Things!

We see you, and we hope to see your “take” on AllTakes, soon. 

Minal, Anjali and Maricia


A Place of Love and Energy