The AllTakes Compass

At our very core, we are driven by a vision we see for the world,  confidence in our ability to contribute to it, focused execution towards our goals and the impact we can make.

This document is the compass for our journey. It provides direction when we can’t see the forest for the trees, when we are making important decisions or when we disagree. 


Find Your Joy. 


Empower people to live their best lives by discovering activities and sharing skills while connecting with others who support them and help them grow.


Guides are the nucleus for content, community and conversation. We empower them to build strong communities, share their skills and make a sustainable living on AllTakes via their studios. When they monetize, we monetize too.  

Explorers engage with guides and connectors, the content and each other. We empower them to grow & thrive with their tribes.


We are inspired by the way the real world works. We think of AllTakes as a city that has studios, clubs and common spaces. A city where people engage with businesses, with each other and gather together in a welcoming environment. 

A city grows and thrives when there is opportunity, when its businesses thrive and when its citizens are happy and feel safe. AllTakes, like the best cities, is dynamic, vibrant and evolving. Businesses and people feel ownership and agency. Bureaucracy and rules don’t block progress. 

This is our true north. 

Our Culture: Values and Behaviors 

This is how we approach problems and make decisions as a company, how we behave with each other, our customers and the broader world. We hold ourselves and each other accountable to these. 

  • Build Crafted Experiences

We understand what it takes for our guides and explorers to love us, and we deliver elegant, thoughtful end-to-end experiences that delight. We are craftspeople, building for craftspeople - we infuse our work product with function, beauty and joy. 

  • Align Incentives

We believe in building healthy ecosystems - and solve for the success of our guides, explorers and the platform. We will build a sustainable business while helping our guides do the same.

  • Think Big, Start Small

We aim high, we innovate, we take intentional risks. Every journey starts with the first step - we start confidently, we learn along the way and we build fearlessly towards our ambitions. 

  • Own It

We own our business, our products and our commitments. We make the best decisions for the company, not the individual or team. We offer advice and give space to others who own the decisions they need to make.

  • Be Transparent, Have the Conversation

We communicate honestly and transparently. We have a conversation to resolve issues. It’s much easier to correct something that’s a millimeter off course than a mile off.

  • Earn and Assume Trust

We earn the trust of our co-workers, our customers and all our stakeholders. We are present, listen attentively, respond thoughtfully, and assume good intent. 

  • Debate, Decide and Commit 

We listen to each other mindfully and debate openly. We do not compromise our opinions for the sake of social cohesion. Once a decision is reached, we commit and move forward.  

  • Be Curious and Learn

We are open minded and curious. We are comfortable admitting mistakes, learning from them and moving forward. Every situation teaches us something. We reflect and share so we can keep getting better. 

  • Get Things Done

We make quick and thoughtful decisions with the information we have, without endless analysis or debate. We have a bias for action, and to make things happen.

  • Deliver Results

We prioritize the right actions for our business, and we deliver value to our guides, our explorers and our company.


Creating a Space for AllTakes


A Place of Love and Energy